Family Pack of six , StreamSmart GIGA ST2 QUAD CORE ANDROID DUAL WIFI 2.4GHZ AND 5.8GHZ AC

Streamsmart Giga



StreamSmart GIGA has changed the viewing industry. The ability to stream any movie, any TV show and every sporting event (no blackouts).

Free TV Viewing With StreamSmart GIGA 

Best of all, there's NO MONTHLY FEES... EVER! No more Cable bills.

The #1 Choice in Streaming.  This system comes pre-programmed and is ready to use, right out of the box. You won't need to go through the tedious setup process, like you would with other sellers!  This will save you time and a huge headache! The StreamSmart GIGA has a proprietary system that continuously updates content links.  What does this mean to you?  When streaming links are shut down or changed, other (non-StreamSmart GIGA) units will lose content streaming links and are unable to regain them.  The StreamSmart GIGA provides continuous updates to the new/replacement streaming link, so the unit will keep working and you can keep watching!

Advantages include:

  • Live TV
  • Automatic updates, so you don't lose programming channels, unlike other devices
  • Live Sports with no blackouts 
  • PPV events in HD 
  • No more monthly TV bills
  • No subscriptions or monthly fees
  • Just about every movie & TV show you can think of 
  • No other box has content like this one

StreamSmart GIGA is a TV box that gives you access to 100,000's + movies, TV shows (past and present) whenever and wherever (it's portable) you want!  All with no monthly fees or subscriptions!! All you need is internet access! Watch live, local channels, network and cable channels all with no monthly subscriptions!  Many, many, many foreign TV stations in Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish, etc.  Also watch stations from the UK and Canada as well! The StreamSmart GIGA receiver will give you free access to movies, TV shows, live sports, and more! The movie selection is unlimited; from classics, to movies currently in the theater! This Android box is 100% legal!